Circle K looking to encourage community involvement

The Circle K International student organization is starting up at Marshall University this semester for students eager to put themselves out there, make a difference or gain experience in a leadership role

The student organization will be looking for new members and recruiters will be stationed in the Memorial Student Center lobby at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

CKI is a student based community service, leadership development and fellowship organization. The goal of the organization is to help students give back to their community while building useful social skills and establishing a stronger sense of what it takes to be a leader and work as a team. Marshall’s CKI student organization will be part of a larger network spanning 500 CKI clubs within 18 different countries around the world.

“Your involvement in Circle K International will have a significant impact on your campus, community and the entire world,” said Elizabeth Sheets, organizer of the CKI kickoff event. “As a dedicated CKI member, you will develop lifelong friendships, establish a network of members … and gain satisfaction knowing your leadership and services are making a positive impact.”

The CKI will not be the only organization at the MSC Wednesday morning as several other community service based agencies will also be stationed at tables in the lobby, allowing students to browse the various options and get involved in the Huntington community in a variety of ways.

“Getting involved while I was in college was one of the best experiences ever,” Marshall alum Desmond Groves said. “I learned so much and it was awesome to have a hands-on experience and to make connections in the community.”

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