Column: Our system is “too strong” to be taken down

As Americans sat back and watched as Donald Trump shocked political analysts, Democrats, and virtually flipped the electoral map, there was a clear a sense of disbelief, due to the assumption that Hillary Clinton would win this campaign.

As the night went on, it became more apparent that something was happening that even many Republicans never thought would happen. An outsider, someone who doesn’t understand the ways of our political system and what has been traditionally done in every election prior to this, has won the highest office that anyone can win in the free world.

Well, when one looks at this, you can of course say “this is a nightmare” or “this is finally when we see change.” Whatever side of the political spectrum you are on; take a step back and look at it from a distance.

There is one thing that we can all agree on, America is scared and frustrated. When you look at Trump from a historical stance, he was able to do something that no outsider has ever done and he was able to hit a nerve that resonated with the American people.

For many years now there has been a disconnect with Americans and the people who represent them. There has been a misunderstanding of what their government officials can and can’t do as well. And often what seems to happen is a dissatisfaction with who they have elected.

USA Today reported, that voter turnout was up by 4.7 percent in 2,135 counties. So what made people come out to vote? The usual type of demographic we see in people who vote are wealthy, elderly and the well-educated. But what we saw Tuesday was an overwhelming majority of working class voters who maybe do not have a college education, and this is because they felt as though they weren’t being heard.

For Donald Trump, if you aren’t a supporter already, it is tough to envision any sort of redeeming quality of him. For me, as a journalist, I am terrified at times to envision what could be a Trump presidency. Will he actually hinder my right to free speech? I highly doubt it, but Trump also must realize that journalists are seen as the fourth estate and will not cater to his feelings.

But looking at this from a campaign stand point strictly, is Donald Trump just the best ever to have played the game? Trump could have known what he had to do to win, and from a business stand-point what an untapped market his supporters were. Or maybe he, like his constituents, is just as frustrated and scared for our country.

No matter what you think of Trump and his policies, you have to look at this with some sense of realism. Trump will have a tough time getting what he wants done in office, because of how he has alienated both parties. He is going to go into this with a very divided House and Senate, and maybe this will actually bring these parties together in trying to tame “the Donald.”

So don’t go into this presidency with so much disappointment, and try to believe that our political system is too strong to be taken down by one man.

Tom Jenkins can be contacted at [email protected].