‘Laughter and Respect’ seminar enlightens students

“Laughter and Respect” sought to educate Marshall University students and make student voices heard during its first active discussion Thursday at the Memorial Student Center.

Meena Elango, graduate assistant at student affairs, said the purpose of the discussion was to get to know students’ concerns, while educating others with their own opinions.

“When you go to bigger schools, they always have seminars and things for students to come to,” Elango said. “At Marshall we are not really a big school, and it’s going to take some time for students to understand that this is something they should come to.”

Gabriel Poindexter, resident director at Commons, led the first half of the series and presented on topics such as comedy’s effects on society and the history of comedy.

“There are some sensitive issues and it needs respect, other times they are really hilarious,” Poindexter said. “And humor allows us to approach sensitive issues, while comedy lets us shed a light to certain topics.”

Yaris Mason, senior psychology major and a member of Delta Sigma Theta, said the seminar enlightened her in the ways that people are different when it comes to things that offend them.

“I love the small group atmosphere, it’s easier for me personally to open up and tell people how I feel about things,” Mason said.

Elango said student affairs is creating a student leadership series with topics ranging from health and wellness to colorism for the spring semester.

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