Hunger U bus challenges Marshall to fight hunger

The Hunger U Challenge bus stopped at Marshall University Monday and Tuesday during their National FFA tour to raise awareness about its mission and how Marshall students can get involved in making a change in the world.

The Hunger U Challenge bus travels to universities across the United States to initiate conversations about helping feed the world with today’s farmers. It strives to educate, discuss and empower students on the effects of modern agriculture and the world food crisis.

The group also talks to students about where food is grown and how they can be more involved in the process of helping people around the world end hunger.

Not only does the group focus on the hunger issue, they also spend time telling students about the process of growing food.

During their visit, The Hunger U Challenge team prompted students to take part in a survey. For every survey taken during the tour, the group donates one meal to a local food pantry of its choice.

Facing Hunger Foodbank is the Huntington-Cabell affiliate that has partnered with The Hunger U Challenge.

Through this local partnership, Hunger U and Facing Hunger Foodbank are able to feed local individuals and families who are in need of food.

Hunger U tour manager, Madeline Skellie, said when she goes from campus to campus, her main goal is to educate students on the importance of food and how important locally grown food should be to individuals.

“Hopefully I can emphasize to students to let them know where their food comes from,” Skellie said.

Skellie, who grew up on a dairy farm, said when she found Hunger U, she knew she had found the right area for her in her career.

With the different awareness that Hunger U provides, the group hopes they can end world hunger and help people understand the value of farmers and farm grown food.

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