BERNIE’S BEATS: Best songs of the Sanders’ campaign rally playlist


Lexi Browning

Supporters cheer in anticipation of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ arrival to the “A Future to Believe In” rally on Tuesday, April 26 at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington, W.Va. The assembly attracted more than 6,000 supporters.

With supporters of all shape, size and colors and a hoard of peddlers selling unlicensed merchandise, the comparison of a Bernie Sanders’ rally to a music festival is an easy one to make. It’s no surprise then that the music played over the speakers at a Sanders’ campaign stop is just as diverse as the hottest lineup bill.  These are the best songs used to “rally the troops” at the Huntington campaign rally.

“Talkin’ Bout a Revolution”

A common complaint of Sanders’ supporters is the lack of national media attention. With lyrics like “Don’t you know you’re talking about a revolution/It sounds like a whisper,” the 1988 folk song works as an anthem to supporters, amping them up before Sanders’ takes the stage.

A New Wave”


The Washington state punk trio Sleater-Kinney returned in 2015, releasing the album “No Cities To Love” which features the song “A New Wave.” Being loud and enthusiastic, the song is just like the college-aged Sanders’ supporter. By playing this song the Sanders’ campaign declares to his supporters, “It’s not a new wave, it’s just you and me.”


-Simon and Garfunkel

Sanders’ supporters are already well aware of the Simon & Garfunkel song due to it’s memorable use in a campaign ad that declares that the Sanders’ faithful have “all come to look for America.” With easy on the ears instrumentation and a chorus that inspires, choosing this song was a no-brainer for the campaign.

Rockin’ In The Free World”

-Neil Young

Neil Young made headlines early in this campaign season when he publically spoke out against Republican Donald Trump using the song at his rallies. He made headlines again when he gave permission to use the song to Senator Sanders. The guitar driven song with a patriotic chorus is an obvious choice for any politician, but it’s a little sweeter when permission is granted.


David Bowie

Following the death of David Bowie in January 2016, “Starman” was added to the playlist, usually being played following Bowie’s remarks. It’s the most fitting Bowie song because like Bowie, Bernie is a Starman. Some say that he’s shooting for the stars with his platform, but he’s traveling the country campaigning because “he’d like to come and meet us.”

“Let’s Go Crazy”


Like David Bowie, Prince, who died last week at the age of 57, has been memorialized in the Sanders’ campaign playlist. “Let’s Go Crazy,” from Prince’s landmark album Purple Rain is probably the safest choice. Tame of sexual content compared to most of the artist formerly known as’ catalog, With a refrain of “Let’s go crazy, let’s get nuts,” the campaign invites attendees to do just that as they gather to go through this thing called election season.