Warming up with SGA and Mayor Williams


Hannah Sayre, Reporter

The Student Government Association hosted two events Thursday: Hot Chocolate with SGA and Coffee with the Ma yor.

Members of SGA were on the plaza giving out hot chocolate to students on one of the coldest days of the semester, raising awareness and reminding students to come out to the Memorial Fountain Ceremony.

Lila Mangus, student body vice-president, said despite the cold weather, she just wanted to make sure students attended the ceremony Friday.

“We thought hot chocolate would be the perfect way to attract students,” Mangus said. “We want students to be reminded of the Memorial Ceremony and be there to honor the 75 who lost their li ves.”

This is the second time this semester Mayor Steve Williams has come to Marshall for Coffee with the Mayor. The purpose of the event is to provide open communication between the mayor and students, faculty and staff, so they may address their concerns and visions for Marshall and the city of Huntington.

“Some just happen to come upon the event, and we strike up a conversation,” Williams said. “There are some people who purposely come, but I am always pleased with how this event turns out. I like when faculty and staff come to express concerns from what they hear from their students and take what I say back t o them.”

Mayor Williams said there were a couple of things that opened his eyes while interacting with faculty and students, mainly about the drug problem in the area.

“The concerns and visions are always different each time I come to campus,” Williams said. “And I always leave energized.”

Coffee with the Mayor will occur again at 10 a.m. Dec. 2.

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