Winners chosen for Assessment Day survey drawing


Ryan Fischer

Dr. Mary Beth Renyolds and Dr. Tim Melvin use a random number generator to determine the winners at the Assesment Day drawing Wednesday.

The Assessment Day prize drawing was held Wednesday outside the Memorial Student Center and marked the conclusion of the annual spring assessment surveys.

Students were able to participate in the surveys and enter their name into the prize drawing until April 12.

Associate vice president for assessment and quality initiatives Mary Beth Reynolds said assessment never ends, but what they like to do in the spring is highlight university assessment activities with Assessment Day.

Prizes included gift cards to the Marshall University Bookstore, gift cards to various restaurants in the Memorial Student Center and iPad minis.

Some prizes were dedicated to certain assessments and some prizes were university wide.

Surveys students could participate in included senior assessments, the National Survey of Student Engagement, assessments in degree programs, Housing and Residence Life, advising, tutoring, core curriculum and assessments for various university offices.

Reynolds said on their final list for the prize drawing there were over 5,000 student names, although students could enter their name more than once into the drawing by completing multiple surveys.

“I would just like to thank all of the students who participated in Assessment Day,” Reynolds said. “Because what I really want students to know is that we do pay attention to what they say, we do use the information to try to improve our programs and that when we put improvements into place we monitor those improvements.”

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