Kim Kardashian uses social media as a platform for body positivity

Kanye West has become the king of twitter ranting and who better to be the ranting queen than his wife, Kim Kardashian. Kim took to Twitter Monday to defend backlash after posting a nude selfie with censorship on private areas.

Celebrities immediately took to twitter to voice their opinions on Kardashian’s bare bod. Bette Midler, Chloe Moretz and Piers Morgan were among celebrities who heckled Kardashian for the post.

Kardashian retorted with what may be the best twitter rant so far this year. Kardashian took to defending herself against Midler, Moretz and Morgan, but the best part of her outburst was the snippet she wrote defending not only herself but also all women against body and slut shaming on International Women’s Day.

Kardashian argued the blunt of jokes against her always return to her infamous sex tape from 13 years ago or how her nude selfies are inappropriate. But Kardashian isn’t just flaunting her body, she’s showing the world even though these jokes are made she is still comfortable in her skin to show her body.

Every woman has every right to love her body and feel confident in herself. Kardashian is constantly criticized for her appearance and still maintains body positivity and spreads that platform to her fans.

Ryan Martin, Chairman of the psychology department at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and co-author of the paper “Anger on the Internet: The Percieved Value of Rant-Sites” said online rants are cathartic for people.

“The short-term answer is that people do it because it feels good in the moment,” Martin said.

Kardashian had to have felt great after throwing shade to all the negative tweets she received. After constantly being under fire for what she posts to social media, she deserves to defend why she does it.

Fans quickly took to Twitter after the argument, claiming the tweets were the work of sister Khloe Kardashian or husband Kanye. Kim retorted by saying she authored the tweets and can be funny.

Both celebrities and common Twitter users use the character limit to rave about whatever is upsetting them, and sometimes the rants can cause both personal and professional problems. It is obvious some things should just stay off of social media, but Kim defending herself once and for all is something that needed to be done.

No one is up in arms when a shirtless or nude photo of male celebrities spread but immediately chaos consumes when a woman does. Fans took this into consideration when defending Kim sharing a comparison of her picture beside a nude photo of Adam Levine that has been positively shared on the Internet.

Kardashian isn’t just defending herself, but she is taking a stance for all women and their right to body positivity and stance to double standards. Cheers to you, Kim. Here’s to the next selfie.