V-Club Delivers an Energetic Show


Ryan Fischer

Isaac Hodges performs on guitar with local band Of The Dell, January 29 at the V-Club.


V-Club was host to a crowd with local groups Of the Dell, The Dead Frets and Under Surveillance January 29, 2016.

Under Surveillance took the stage first, giving the audience a look at their newest originals during their set.

“We’re hoping to turn a little darker,” said Eve Marcum-Atkinson lead singer of Under Surveillance.

The group gathered a large crowd while ending their set, going for a “punk” inspired, high-energy sound according to Marcum-Atkinson.

The Dead Frets kept the energy flowing with a set that they had been tweaking for nearly a year, providing enough momentum to fill the dance floor with wild movement.

“I’d say its like eighties to nineties ran through a nineties rock machine,” vocalist and guitarist Tyler Cooper.

According to Cooper, their name is derived from the technical terminology for mistuned chord sounds on a guitar.

“When a guitar is out of intonation, a fret will become ‘dead’ and it will not make the correct note,” Cooper said.

Of the Dell came on last, and performed a set of mostly original tracks, some of which will be featured on their upcoming, feature-length debut.

“We spent over fifteen hundred dollars, professional studio in Colombus, did it all analog on tape, 24-track, two-inch, 15 ips,” said Corey Hatton, vocalist and guitarist for Of The Dell.

Of the Dell said they had gained positive feedback on their single “runnin on good times,” released November 13, 2015.

“The A side is a song called ‘Runnin’ which Corey predominantly wrote,” Cody Hatton said.

“I wrote [Runnin’] back in, I think, 2013,” Cory Hatton said. “I was just bored and sitting at the house one day and there it was! I dunno, I didn’t have much on my mind because I was young then, didn’t think about much.”

Cody Hatton also said that Of The Dell performs with their “good friend” Jordan Andrew Jefferson every fourth Thursday at Black Sheep Burritos and Brew, and that their next show at the V-Club is set for March.

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