Yet another mass shooting occurred in the United States Wednesday, this time at a facility that serves children and adults with developmental disorders.

According to USA Today’s investigative report “Behind the Bloodshed,” approximately 75 percent of mass killing victims die of gunshot wounds.

Until the United States takes a queue from other countries, innocent lives will continue being taken by hateful and mentally ill people who get their hands on weapons.

As gun owners across the country cling to their right to own weapons, other countries have imposed strict gun control laws in response to mass shootings. Australia, for example, hasn’t had a mass shooting since its lawmakers passed buybacks and tighter restrictions on firearms in response to a shooting in 1996.

Australia’s restrictions also led to a decrease in gun-related suicides.

Mental health is also treated more seriously in other countries. Many mass shooters carry out shootings because of mental health-related issues; mentally stable people don’t just kill people.

What will it take for the country to come together as a nation and carry out actions against gun violence that have proven to be effective in other countries? Almost every state has seen a mass shooting. “It’ll never happen close to me” is as ignorant a statement as believing stricter gun control laws won’t lead to the end of mass shootings.