Coffee with the Mayor returns to Marshall University campus


Emily Rice

Huntington Mayor Steve Williams (left) speaks to a student at the last Coffee with the Mayor. This is an opportunity to allow students to speak with the mayor in an informal setting.


Mayor Steve Williams returns to Marshall University’s campus from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday at the Memorial Student Center as part of the Coffee with the Mayor program.

The program allows students to speak with the mayor in an informal setting.

Williams said he wants students to know that even if students are only here for a few years, he is their mayor too and is always approachable.

During the last Coffee with the Mayor event, Williams said Huntington and Marshall share a symbiotic relationship.

Williams said he has three main goals with the meetings, one of the most important being showing how important students are to the community.

Williams stresses that staying in Huntington after graduation from Marshall is an option. Williams said if students have to leave the area after graduation, he wants them to love Huntington so much they cannot wait to return.

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