Job-A-Polooza helps students find jobs



Marshall University Career Services hosted Job-A-Polooza Wednesday at the Memorial Student Center.

Jodi Escue, recruiter for Speedway, said she felt having the event downstairs instead of upstairs of the student center affected the turnout.

“In the beginning, the event started a little slow,” Escue said. “Honestly, I think that when it comes to talking to people everyone gets nervous and this is a big obstacle to get over. I think that its just intimidating to walk to people they don’t know.”

“The whole event was a great idea,” Escue said. “Even if we find only one person who will fit the company, it would make it a great turnout. We are looking for interns and I don’t want to give up an opportunity to miss out on someone good.”

Lauren Snyder, digital media marketing manager for Winterplace Ski Resort, said it is important for students to look for jobs.

“Training students to have skills in hospitality management and customer service is a great way for students to become successful in the job field,” Synder said. “Job-A-Polooza is a great way to gain connections.”

“Most stations here at the event offer minor positions that can ideally help Marshall students find a seasonal job after graduation,” Snyder said. “I think that its smart to have jobs that are stepping stones for students. Events like these give students an option to develop skills that can turn into something huge in their careers.”

Sarah Halub, health and wellness director for Kids In Motion, said overall the event went well.

“This event gets our program at the YMCA out there more,” Halub said. “Job-A-Polooza gives students the opportunity to know what jobs are available in the Tri-State area.”

“However, for the YMCA we are looking for students to keep our children active,” Halub said. “We would like to encourage exercise science, but as long as you have high energy we welcome you.”

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