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Marshall University’s new face of technology, Zach Tackett, said he loves working at the university.

Tackett describes his job search as very personal. Tackett said that he started looking for jobs online until Marshall University called to interview him. Tackett though that being as humble as he thinks he is, he would not get the job. Tackett said the interview process made him very nervous.

Tackett saw a lot of offers but not all of them he wanted. “ I turned down a lot of opportunities,” Tackett said. Tackett believes that the fact he really wanted to work for the university benefited him. “The fact that I have always loved a college setting really weighed my decision on coming to Marshall University and other than that I just loved Huntington,” Tackett said.

Tackett said that his largest accomplishment was that he just graduated college and found a management position.

Some employees said they were thrilled to have Tackett. “He fits in the department very well. He just makes it seem like he has been here forever,” said university employee, Tammy Aliff. When asked to describe Tackett in three words, Aliff said “ Friendly, easy going and intelligent.”

“He has done a very good job working in the department and made a huge impression on the goals that he has for himself yet also the department,” Aliff said.

Tackett, a local resident, has set many goals and plans to accomplish them for the better good. Tackett stated that he “…plans to teach and show technology to children.”

“Based on this day in age it is very important and should be included in in the lesson or at least focus on technology safety,” Tackett said.

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