2nd annual Marshall University Brain Expo

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    Over 400 kids attended the second annual Brain Expo at Marshall University.

    Malicy Luckett, 4th grade teacher at Hurricane Town Elementary brought her class to the University to attend the expo.

    “The kids are learning the different parts of the brain within 28 stations of activities,” Luckett said. “The students were able to touch and do a lot of hands on activities.”

    Luckett said that the kids were very enthused about each individual station

    “Their biggest learning experience was the station with the fake hand,” Luckett said.

    This station was staffed by Senior biology major, Reagan Stafford.

    During this station, students were told to place their hands in the mystery box and could not see, only feel what was going on. Then they used a fake hand as something to pay attention to.

    “With this station I taught the children that your brain works as a snapshot instead of a video camera,” Stafford said. “This station showed the kids that you actually see what you feel instead of feeling what you see.”

    “Your vision is tricking your brain integration,” Stafford said. “This helps the kids realize that all senses are different and not all together in one.”

    “Overall, the staff was adult friendly and very helpful,” Stafford said.

    The rain did not stop the student’s fun. Luckett said many of her studnets are looking forward to attending the third annual Bran Expo next year.

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