Huntington Music Art Festival Extends to Week Long Celebration


still from Brainwrap Productions

Tyler Childers at the 2014 Huntington Music and Arts Festival.

The sixth annual Huntington Music and Arts Festival is expanding to multiple events, showcasing local music, art and film throughout this week.

“It’s grown every year,” said Ian Thornton, festival founder and organizer. “It’s really nice to see it grow organically like that. We just try to take our time with it and grow it small and celebrate the local thing and by doing that and having that mind frame, we’ve grown to our sixth year.”

HMAF’s first event, Art on The Edge was held on Sept. 22 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Art on The Edge was an event that showcased visual artists at the West Edge Factory, a warehouse that is currently being converted into studio space for artists to work in. Artists in the exhibit included Jimbo Valentine, known best for his concert posters.

The festivities continued at the West Edge Factory on Wednesday with Film Night with Brainwrap Productions, which showcased the Huntington film collective’s short film “Trace Around Your Heart”, showed select episodes of the “Live at Trackside” web series and premiered of the 2014 HMAF concert documentary.

“We’ve been shooting stuff like “Live at Trackside” and other videos for like six years or so,” said Max Nolte, member of the collective. The evening was full of material from Brainwrap.

“This year we’ve tried to branch out and team up with some local things that have helped the music and arts scene, Brainwrap being one of them, then Thursday we’re teaming up with Porch Unplugged,” Thornton said.

Organized by Joe Troubetaris, who also runs Ritter Live, the Pullman Square Pre-Party with Porch Unplugged will feature acoustic based acts Keyamo and Troubetaris, Kendra Villiger, and Mojomaniac at Pullman Square tonight.

A V-Club Pre-Party will also be held tonight to showcase West Virginia record label, Twin Cousins Records, curating a night of live music including William Matheny and the Strange Constellations, Nights and Weekends and Coyotes in Boxes.

“It’s really hard in some ways to match Ian’s enthusiasm,” said Dan Mistich, label co-founder. “So it’s good to be paired with people like him who bring a lot of experience and passion to a project, so it’s definitely special.”

The sixth edition of the festival features a day full of regional acts from the Tri-State region including Huntington’s Ona, Tyler Childers and the Food Stamps, the Horse Traders, Deadbeats and Barkers and Jordan Andrew Jefferson, as well as acts from throughout the area such as Rozwell Kid, Goodwolf, J. Marinelli, and Bishops. The headlining act is Oklahoma singer-songwriter Parker Milsap.

Art, food and craft beer vendors will be featured at the event as well.

The festival starts at 11:30 a.m. and continues until 11:00 p.m. at the Ritter Park Amphitheater.

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