A New View

Ahmed Mohamed is a 14-year-old boy who was arrested this past week after school officials thought a home-made clock he brought to school was a bomb.

After the incident, many prominent figures reached out to Mohamed to show their support. Among these people was President Barak Obama.

All around the internet people were outraged. They questioned why Obama was inviting Mohamed to the White House when he has done nothing to show support for cops recently killed and their mourning families.

I don’t think that Obama was wrong to show support to Mohamed. What happened to him was simply uncalled for.

However, I also feel that if he’s going to show support to Mohamed he should show support to all kids who are arrested and suspended for no real reason. Education is important. Disrupting a child’s education for no real reason is a disservice to that child and their family.

Obama should show support to the families of the cops who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Obama should show support to innocent people who lose their lives every day.

Obviously this may never happen. If someone spent all day meeting people who have experience injustice, then they would never get anything else done. However, it doesn’t take that large-scale of an event to show that you’re supporting these people.

It only takes about two seconds out of your day to send a tweet or write a Facebook post. Two seconds is all it would take for a prominent figure to let everyone know that they support fair and equal treatment.

If Obama and other prominent figures are going to show support to one person who is being treated unfairly, then they should be there for them all.

If you’re going to advocate equal rights, shouldn’t you treat each situation equally?