Students React to FEST:2 Lineup

The Marshall University Office of Student Activities and Campus Activities Board are hosting FEST:2, a music festival with national and local artists. The FEST:2 lineup was released during Marshall’s Week of Welcome with some large scale artists included on the roster.

The national lineup includes 3OH!3, Ryan Cabrera, We The Kings, West Virginia native Huey Mack and one more artist set to be revealed very soon. The local acts include Ona, A Story Told, Letters, Time and Distance, The Company Stores and DJ Veil.

“All of my friends are in CAB and I love the events, so I’m very excited to go to FEST:2!.”

— Alexis James-Joyce

Students had both positive and negative reactions from the lineup with some praising the throwback vibes of the artists or reacting negatively because of the artists maybe being too old.

Sophomore biology major Jason Truman is excited for the event.

“It’s cool that we are doing something big like this,” Truman said. “My friend’s who go to WVU have Fallfest and now we have something similar. I am going for sure. I haven’t listened to any of the artists for many years but I’m excited to see them perform and hear the songs I used to listen to.”

Senior public health major Meena Elango loves the lineup.

“FEST:2 is going to be a great way to meet new people,” Elango said. “I know it will be a fun time.”

Junior elementary education major Erin Casper also has good feelings about the lineup.

“It’s going to be great time,” Casper said. “The lineup is awesome.”

Senior biology pre-medical major Alexis James-Joyce is excited for the event because it’s a chance for her to get involved with CAB.

“All of my friends are in CAB and I love the events, so I’m very excited to go to FEST:2!.” James-Joyce said. “I went to the FEST event they had last year with the Ying Yang Twins and it was a lot of fun.”

Senior public health major Zachary Hill had a different opinion on the lineup.

“I felt it was over-hyped,” Hill said. “The Twitter account made it sound like we were going to have more relevant artists and we ended up with people that were popular when I was in middle school. I was hoping for more EDM artists because that is who are so popular right now and I know a lot of people that enjoy that genre.”

Tickets are on sale now for FEST:2 and are $20 for students with any university ID. Tickets are $30 for the community.

The event is being held on Friday, Sept. 18 from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm. at Harris Riverfront Park in Downtown Huntington.

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