Kessler speaks out about son’s drug charges

Senator Jeff Kessler and son Jacob Kessler celebrating Jacobs birthday in November.


Senator Jeff Kessler and son Jacob Kessler celebrating Jacobs birthday in November.

Jacob Kessler, 25, pleaded guilty to a federal drug charge. As a result of his plea, he will be participating in the Federal Drug Court of the Northern District of West Virginia.

Jacob is the son of West Virginia State Senator Jeffrey V. Kessler (D – Marshall).

Senator Kessler said he is happy that his son is clean and sober and most importantly alive.

The senator has spent his  time in public office talking about the dangers of addiction and working to raise awareness and fight for funding for treatment facilities.

“Like anyone else who is dealing with addiction, my son needs help,” Kessler said.  “His arrest in December has proven to be the change he needed to help turn his life around.”

Jacob was released from the Northern Regional Jail in February and entered Miracles Happen, a residential substance abuse program.  Following the completion of his 90-day rehabilitation, he entered Lazarus House, a sober living facility that provides a place to live, recover and reconnect with society for those who are recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.

Jacob is still living at Lazarus House today.

Senator Kessler said he hopes others can learn from his family’s misfortune and understand that addiction touches countless lives.

“Drug abuse is a huge epidemic in our state and is an equal opportunity destroyer,” Kessler said. “Being an elected official makes me no different than any other West Virginian who is dealing with a family member’s addiction.  Anyone who has faced the illness of addiction in a loved one can relate to what’s happening with my son and the toll it has taken on my family. Nevertheless, I remain today what I’ve always been first and foremost and that’s Jacob’s father. I love my son.”

The senator said he will continue fighting for his son and all other West Virginians who are suffering from addiction.

For more information on Drug abuse and ways to help call the Drug Abuse Information & Referral hotline at 1-800-662-4357

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