Lookin’ so crazy in love

There isn’t one set definition of love, and after asking 10 different generations how they define love, the answers prove that.

The definition differs from person to person and is impacted by experience and age.

“Love is when mommy let’s me eat chicken and chocolate,” three-year-old Gianna Coughenour said.

Coughenour’s mom, 20-year-old Kenna Coughenour, couldn’t help but laugh and agree with what her daughter said.

“Love is chicken and chocolate, I can relate,” Kenna Coughenour said.

“Love is when you can trust someone, they always have your back, and they never steal your dog.”

Parker Burgess, a 9-year-old in the third grade, also has his own definition of love.

“Love is when you can trust someone, they always have your back, and they never steal your dog,” Burgess said.

Burgess’ mom, 30-year-old Kaleena Burgess, laughed at his response and shared her thoughts on the definition of love—which unlike her son did not involve a stolen dog.

“I knew I was in love when I realized that every single choice I’d made in my life had pushed me closer to finding this person,” Kaleena Burgess said. “Suddenly, everything made sense.”

Hannah Boggs, 13, shared her definition of love.

“Love is knowing someone long enough that you care for them deeply,” Boggs said.

Boggs’ mother, 43-year-old Jeanette Boggs agreed with her daughter’s response.

“Love is being patient, learning to compromise and never giving up on each other,” Jeanette Boggs said.

Sharon Allen, 54, responded to the question a little differently.

“Love is grandbabies—and such love is amazing,” Allen said.

As the generations matured, so did the responses.

“As we get into middle age, love becomes a sense of comfort and security, and for some, religion,” 59-year-old teacher T.C. Clemons said. “I think love is crawling into God’s lap and being wrapped ever so gently in his loving arms, safe, secure, happy and whole.”

Billie Wallace is celebrating a birthday that makes his definition of love a little different.

“In August I will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of my 20th birthday,” Wallace said. “Love is laughter, seeing the world through a toddler’s eyes again as grandparents and knowing that in the peaceful quiet times, when it’s only the two of you, all is well and the love is unconditional.”

Monna Skaggs, 80, said she is still happily in love with her sweetheart.

“Love is a blessing and a gift, it’s the feeling of pride at their accomplishments, feeling happy just because they are happy and sad when they are sad,” Skaggs said.

Karima Neghmouche can be contacted at [email protected].