V-Club Wrap-Up

The Settlement | M.F.B. | Beggars Clan


Erika Johnk

The M.F.B. lead singer Parry Castow, clad in a devil’s costume, performs at the V-Club Saturday.

The Settlement, M.F.B., and the Beggars Clan showed off their
musical talent Saturday at the V-Club.

The audience danced the night away as lead singer Parry Casto
and his band M.F.B. interacted with the crowd, handing out instruments
to people to play along with during each song.

“We get to play about once to twice a month,” Casto said. “We
could play two or three times a week if we wanted but every one is
kind of busy doing every thing else, it takes a lot out of you.”

As with most local bands, The M.F.B. members have other jobs
to support themselves and play music on the side as much as they

“I always want to see it go farther,” Casto said. “We all work real
hard and try to get good with our craft whether it be show wise or
musically,” Casto said.

The Settlement, made up of local college students, started the
night with a “groovy” sound complemented with a horn section.

“It went really well,” said lead singer Colten Settle. “I wish I could
have heard myself more, I couldn’t really hear because there is a
lot going on, but there was really good energy and a good crowd
response. I really like the other two bands because they’re really
cool dudes.”

The Settlement performed once before with the same two bands
and since then, they have added a new member to their band.
“This is only the second show our percussionist has played with
us, so it went well,” Settle said.

The Beggars Clan, a reggae style band, played the second set of
the night.

They played an original set mixed with a few covers. Shane Durham
of the Beggars Clan said they enjoyed seeing the crowd react
to their music.

“We just love playing music,” Durham said. “We want to make
sure people love hearing us play music. We’re trying to get our music
out there with a CD. We want to be able to play all over the state
and all over the region.”

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