Severe weather causes employees to stay overnight

More than 70 St. Mary’s Hostpital employees borrowed hospital rooms for the night due to severe weather.

St. Mary’s Patient Care Coordinator’s Office staff kept track of the limited number of rooms being used.

“While the regular hospital rooms were full, St. Mary’s provided employees with rooms that are for short stay procedures, and only used during the day,” said Cytotechnologist Jane Collins.

During a winter storm last year, Collins was not expecting her overnight stay.

“Last winter I stayed in my office overnight and had to sleep in my desk chair,” Collins said. “This time, I made sure to request a room early.”

Most employees were aware of this service and took full advantage of it last night, with the majority of them bringing over-night bags with work clothes for tomorrow.

Dr. Thomas Dougherty said he was well-prepared to stay overnight.

“I’ve had to stay in the past due to living on a hill, so I’ve learned to always keep up with the forecasts,” Dougherty said. “I wouldn’t have been able to get home after work yesterday.”

Some employees stay to make sure they will be able to make it to work the next morning.

“A lot of people stayed to ensure adequate staffing for the next day,” said St. Mary’s patient care coordinator’s office.

Stacey Coleman, a path tech assistant at the hospital, said the room was equipped with everything that she needed, other than a shower.

There were employee showers available within the hospital, and the cafeteria was open and provided employees with hot meals.

Employees had to be up by 5 a.m., so hospital staff could prepare the rooms for the next day.

Karima Neghmouche can be contacted at [email protected].