New ‘Traditions’ made to annual theatre performance


Zachary Hiser

Actress Cayce Murphy performs latest show

Once again, first-year students gathered during the Week of Welcome in the Joan C. Edwards Playhouse to see their peers and alumni perform the well-loved and highly anticipated ‘Traditions,’ a play presenting the rich history of Marshall University to freshmen and those new to the campus through musical theatre. 

Zachary Hiser

Cayce Murphy is a standout cast member who appeared in the play both in 2019 and 2021. 

 Murphy is a shining star both on the stage and on Marshall’s campus. She begins a semester of student teaching this week and will soon graduate with a double major in Music Education and Vocal Performance. 

Murphy said the play develops every year, and this year she played the role of “Newsie,” a new character in the cast. 

Zachary Hiser

“I was basically just a newspaper boy travelling through time,” said Murphy. “This role allowed this story, the timeline and the development of Marshall University to be told in a different way.” 

Murphy has an extensive theatre background – most recently appearing in the Huntington Area Regional Theatre summer performances including her role as Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ 

Zachary Hiser

“I had always wanted to [perform in Marshall’s ‘Traditions’],” Murphy said. “I saw it when it premiered in 2017 as a freshman during Week of Welcome. I am so happy I have finally gotten the chance to.” 

Murphy says her favorite part of being involved in the play is allowing freshmen to gain more insight and a new perspective of the university using an artistic medium. 

Zachary Hiser

“It is much different than sitting in class, listening to lectures or reading a book – which I am not saying are bad things – but having an entire theatrical production based on the history of Marshall is so profound,” Murphy said.  

Murphy said she encourages all community members and anyone affiliated with Marshall University to try to attend any future performances.  

‘Traditions’ was directed by Jessie Nolan, Adjunct Instructor of the Marshall University School of Music, and Emily Swenskie, Marshall University School of Theatre Alumni. 

Zachary Hiser