Stress Relief Week aims to bring zen to stressed

Stress Relief Week kicked off with the “Break Your Stress Away”

Stress Relief Week kicked off with the “Break Your Stress Away”

Marshall University’s Stress Relief Week kicked off Monday with the “Break Your Stress Away” event on the lawn beside the freshman dorms from noon to 2 p.m.  

Raul Moreno, a graduate assistant for student activities, said students took a piece of glassware donated by the local Goodwill and used a Sharpie to write whatever was stressing them out on it, and then broke the glass.  

“It is a great way to write your anger or stress on something like a physical object and just hit it — it’s great to relieve all that,” Moreno said.  

Moreno said that students enjoyed the event and that it helped them relieve stress.  

“I feel like it is especially stressful this week with finals coming up and everything going on, so this is great,” Moreno said.   

Leah Losh, the director of family service counseling at Goodwill, said this is the first time they have participated in this event.   

“Sometimes, we want to tear or rip things up, but we cannot always do that,” Losh said. “This is an opportunity where it is not going to have repercussions — you are allowed to do it, and it is encouraged to do it, so it is ok.”  

Students that find themselves needing a break can be assured that there are plenty of other events happening throughout Stress Relief Week both on campus and virtually to help ease their tension as the semester closes.  

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