Men’s golf ramping up for spring season

After a longer than normal offseason, the Marshall men’s golf team is set to take the course next weekend for the first time in a year.

Even though the offseason has been abnormal, the uniqueness of golf allowed most of the team’s elder golfers to compete on the course away from college , head coach Matt Grobe said.

“The majority of our upperclassmen, who had all their classes virtually or online, were able to travel a little bit and still be able to play some golf,” Grobe said. 

One of those golfers who was able to compete during the summer was senior Noah Mullens, who has yet to play for the Herd after transferring from Southern Wesleyan last season. 

From Milton, West Virginia, Mullens said that he is excited to play in some tournaments with his teammates.

“A lot of us haven’t played a college tournament for over a year now,” Mullens said, “and I know all of us are just so excited to go out and compete again.”

As the schedule stands, Marshall will play in six different tournaments before the conference tournament begins April 26. 

Grobe said that all the tournaments scheduled offer everything that he looks for when putting together a schedule.

“My goal is to find these guys the best competition I can find them and put them on the best golf courses we can be on,” Grobe said, “and we’re playing several of my favorites.”

Brad Plaziak, a senior golfer from Georgia, said that he is especially excited to start the season because the first four courses are close to home. 

“Looking at the schedule, the first four tournaments are down south,” Plaziak said, “so they’re down in my neck of the woods, which is cool.”

Plaziak said that the first course on the schedule, Sea Palms Resort, has a unique connection to him even though Marshall has not played there in his time.

“My swing coach, like my personal instructor outside of Marshall, works in St. Simons,” Plaziak said, “so I’ve been down there more times than I can count.”

As Plaziak, Mullens and the rest of the Marshall golf team approaches the start of the season, the competition amongst each other throughout the offseason has kept them ready to go, Mullens said.

“Every time we go out to Guyan, we’re always playing; we’re always competing,” Mullens said. “We’re always hitting shots that matter, and that’s crucial right now when we’re not playing any tournaments.”

Plaziak said that the team “always brings the best out of each other.”

“We always keep it lighthearted,” Plaziak said, “but at the same time, we have 14 guys who want to really, really get after it and really just better themselves and their golf game, which is cool because it breeds success completely.”

Through the volatile nature that the Coronavirus pandemic has presented, Mullens said that team has stuck together and continues to lift each other up.

“It’s all about how you can adapt and get the most out of yourself every day,” Mullens said, “so when you do go to these tournaments, we can be fully prepared and be ready to compete.”

Plaziak said that all the work the team puts in is for the main goal of winning the Conference USA championship. 

“We mean business this spring,” Plaziak said. “We’re ready to win a conference championship, especially for coach and all of us. We’re just excited and happy to even be here and be competing.”

Grant Goodrich can be contacted at [email protected].