CAB to host DIY macrame keychain event

The Campus Activity Board at Marshall University is hosting a DIY event that will be half in person and half virtual. 

The event, DIY macrame keychains, is organized by Campus Activities Board (CAB) and will open Thursday.

“We will put together grab bags,” said Emilie Christenberry, president of CAB. “People can come pick them up from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., on the plaza.” 

Christenberry said the CAB staff would hand the bags to the participants to do the next part of the event virtually. 

Christenberry said that at 6 p.m., CAB would host an event on Microsoft Teams, where they will teach you how to make the keychains using the bag’s supplies. 

Events on campus have made changes this year in how they operate due to the coronavirus; Christenberry said she had considered this to ensure the attendees’ safety. 

Christenberry said the reason CAB chose to do the event half virtual and half online was to make sure attendees had the minimum amount of potential exposure to the virus while still being able to get involved with the activity. 

“We’ll have all the precautions, we’ll have our hand sanitizer and mask for people, and make sure we’re cleaning off the table as they go,” said Christenberry. 

Christenberry said that having the event through Teams allowed them to have as many people as they wanted in the event…

While the coronavirus has changed the way students live on campus, Christenberry said she hopes the event will bring a creative and fun experience to its participants. 

“It’s just a fun little event that friends can do together, roommates can do together or suitemates can do together,” said Christenberry. 

Christenberry said that CAB has prepared for 100 participants at the event and welcomes anybody who would like to participate. 

Carter Truman can be contacted at [email protected].