CAB to host movie night

 With added coronavirus precautions, Marshall University Campus Activities Board (CAB) is hosting its first event of the semester. 

After taking into consideration growing health concerns regarding coronavirus, CAB has decided to host a movie night at Harless Field on Oct. 8. 

The event called Screen on the Green, is the first event CAB has done this semester. 

“We actually had to move back the date just to make sure everything is safe,” said Emilie Christenberry, president of CAB. 

The event will be socially distanced for the students who attend to alleviate fears of catching the virus. 

CAB will take time before the movie starts to make sure that everyone is six feet apart and that all attendees wear a mask. 

“We will have Cabbies, which are our CAB members, spread throughout the field to make sure that people are following the rules, so we don’t have to worry about them not,” Christenberry said. 

Christenberry said that CAB took special care to consider the safety and health of the students who may attend while organizing the event.

 “We’re trying to do our best to make sure everything is following all the guidelines,” Christenberry said. 

The event comes as students feel the effects of less social interactions on campus than in previous years and CAB is seeking to give people some sense of normalcy through movie nights. 

“I know that it’s hard, especially with COVID, but I want to try and make this as normal as possible,” Christenberry said. “We always show movies, especially during Halloween time and I think it’s going to be nice.” 

Christenberry said that she would like to show two movies in October. The second movie will be announced later depending on how the first event goes. 

The movie will start at 8 p.m., and students will have to bring their own seating to the events, with blankets being preferred. 

Carter Truman can be contacted at [email protected].