MU Recreation Center to host virtual job fair

Marshall University’s Recreation Center (Rec) is hosting a virtual job fair. 

The Marshall Recreation job fair will take place via Zoom on Oct. 22, through Oct. 23, and will be available to any student who is interested in applying for positions at the Rec. 

Cindi Tscherne, the Associate Director of Programs for the Rec, spoke about the virtual job fair and employment opportunities for students. 

“It is a really good time for students to find out what the Rec offers in terms of employment opportunities,” Tscherne said. “We have a two-day setup; students can request an invite if they want to attend. We go through what each job entails, what it is like to work here at the rec and each specific position available.” 

Tscherne said students do not need any previous job experience to land a job at the Rec. 

Tscherne said, “One of the great things about working here at the Rec is that we only hire students, and many of them it is their first job. We are looking for people who have a good work ethic and who are willing to work a couple of shifts a week. One of our main goals is student development and trying to help students develop outside of the classroom. Students learn a lot about responsibility and time management while working at the Rec.” 

Tscherne talked about the community aspect of working at the Rec. 

“Working at the Rec gives students a great opportunity to meet other people,” Tscherne said. “Most people who work here end up making some long-term friendships.”  

Vincent Murphy, a facility manager at the Rec, said working there has been a positive work experience.  

“Working at the Rec has been enjoyable,” Murphy said. “The professional staff always allow for many opportunities to grow in leadership and professionalism.” 

Cindi Tscherne said working at the Rec could be a

chance for students to bolster their resume. 

“If students start out as a Rec attendant or a lifeguard, they can work their way up to a facility manager,” Tscherne said. She explained the opportunity for advancement into roles requiring more responsibility and leadership. Murphy said he has built his resume by working his way up at the Rec.  

“I started as a lifeguard, moved to aquatics supervisor and am now a facility manager,” Murphy said. 

For more information on the virtual job fair, students can visit the Rec’s website. 

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