Recreation Center taking advanced safety measures

Marshall’s Recreation Center (the Rec) has had to take advanced safety measures during the coronavirus pandemic.  

Through increased sanitation, limited capacity, and mask wearing, the Rec is doing everything they can to remain open. 

Students have had mixed reactions on if they feel safe using the facilities during this time.  

Katie Hill, a sophomore track athlete at Marshall said she feels comfortable using the rec.  

“I feel safe using the Rec,” Hill said. “The new regulations will take some time getting used to, but most of them are what’s expected from us anyway; such as, socially distancing, mask wearing, and sanitations.” 

Hill said, “I think the Rec’s precautions are working well. I think it’s a transition to working out in a mask, and the cleaning may become a little tedious, but it’s worth it for the gyms to stay open.” 

Even with advanced measures being taken, not all students appear to feel safe using the facilities. 

Ethan Wills, a junior, said he will not be going to the Rec this year. 

“I just do not feel like it is worth it to go to a gym during the pandemic,” Wills said. “I do however think the Rec is doing a good job of maintaining these precautions and are doing everything in their power to keep everyone safe. But ultimately, it is up to the members of the Rec to follow these guidelines and most of the time they ignore them.” 

With the COVID-19 Pandemic continuing, Marshall will continue to have precautions in place in order to make the on-campus environment as safe as possible. 

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