Marshall University Libraries to host stress relief activities during Dead Week

Aimed to develop a friendly and relaxed physical space that supports research, lifelong learning and creativity, the Marshall University Libraries’ annual Stress Relief Week will take place during Dead Week. 

“In order for our students to be successful in their research and with their studying, they need to feel that success is possible, and being in the right state of mental health is a big part of that,” said Sarah Mollette, assistant professor and research and instruction librarian.

Library Stress Relief Week is a series of activities designed to give students a break during the most stressful time of the semester. There will be daily events aimed at giving students a chance to relax that assist with recharging rather than future disinterest due to lethargy. 

Activities students can expect at the events include DIY stress balls, a button making station and library story time with milk and cookies. 

Despite Stress Relief Week only being during Dead Week, Mollette said there are ample resources provided at the library and students are always welcome. 

“They can get research help, writing help and IT help,” Mollette said. “They can study as a group or by themselves, and they can do that on a quiet floor or not. They will find events here, they will see books here, they will see art here, they can use free technology here and they will always belong here.” 

Stress Relief Week events will take place in Drinko Library beginning Dec. 2 and ending Dec. 6. Students seeking more information may contact Sarah Mollette at [email protected]. 

Taylor Speight can be contacted at [email protected].