Women’s and Gender Center seeks volunteers for menstrual supply drive

To help provide more menstrual products for students, the Women’s and Gender Center is now partnering with the Student Government Association and other organizations with a goal of finding long-term donors for the program. 

“We want to be inclusive,” Claire Snyder, program coordinator of the Women’s and Gender Center, said. “We know that all women are not cis-women, and we know that gender affects everyone.”

The menstrual supply program started in 2015 after the Women’s and Gender Studies faculty members heard about the Marshall University Food Pantry opening up on campus. There was a concern that students may have a need for other essentials beyond food, including hygiene products. 

“We were also hoping to build a spirit of community and to let students know that faculty and staff are supportive of their whole experience at Marshall,” Laura Diener, history professor and director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, said.

Organizers said the program has been well received throughout campus, but the supplies do not last long, and there is always room for more assistance. 

“The goodwill inherent in the program has been well-received, but the amount of services provided has always been limited in scope, as it has been supported entirely by drives and private donations by faculty and students,” Diener said. 

Snyder said the current goal is to supply the first-floor bathrooms of each building on campus, which includes men, women and gender-neutral bathrooms. She also said the relationship with SGA has been beneficial. 

“In order to do this, we need student support,” Snyder said. “We are happy to be partnering with the Student Government Association to coordinate a menstruation product drive.”

The menstruation drive is set for the beginning of the spring 2020 semester.

The Women’s and Gender Center is welcoming volunteers from student organizations, or individual students, to “adopt a bathroom,” in which the organizations would help distribute supplies and track the use to help keep up with product demand. 

Students interested in finding more information may contact Claire Snyder at [email protected].

Taylor Speight can be contacted at [email protected].