Depression Screening Day to offer free depression screening for students, community members

Depression Screening Day is an opportunity for Marshall University students and community members to complete a brief depression screening to determine if they are experiencing symptoms of depression. With influence from the national Depression Screening Day model, the psychology department has been organizing the event for the past five years and will continue to strive to have more attendees than previous years, according to assistant psychology professor Brittany Canady.

“The depression screening event at Marshall University is intended to serve both Marshall University students and staff, as well as the Huntington community at large,” Canady said. “We hope to provide free screenings and information about treatment options to as many people as possible.”

All screenings are confidential. No appointment is necessary– participants are welcome to walk in between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 10 in the Psychology Clinic, Harris Hall 449. The clinicians in the psychology department are doctoral and master level students supervised by licensed psychologists. 

Third year psychology student Mikayla Larzo explained that research done by the department concluded that substance use can be a way to “self-medicate” or cope with mental health symptoms or illnesses, which is partially due to lack of awareness, access or availability of mental health care. 

“That’s one of the many reasons why it is important to bring awareness to students regarding their available, affordable treatment options,” Larzo said. “Depression Screening Day serves as a bridge for access to mental health care. Since 2015, we have screened 138 students and community members.”

Those providing the screening will give feedback to patients regarding their results and referral options that are available on campus and within the area.

“Depression is common among college students for a variety of reasons,” Larzo said. “However, sometimes students are not aware of the severity of their symptoms in relation to their ability to function or the available treatment options.” 

Marshall’s campus offers multiple free treatment options for students, including the Psychology Clinic located in Harris Hall, The Counseling Center located in Prichard Hall, the Counselors in Residence program and the Behavioral Health Center.

Therapy services are also offered at a reduced rate for community members. Marshall also offers assessment services for students and community members at a reduced rate. 

Students interested in learning more information may contact Mikayla Larzo at [email protected]. 

Taylor Speight can be contacted at [email protected].