Students plan for fall

With the first day of fall passing last week, Marshall students have begun making plans to celebrate the season. 

Raquel Melgar, a junior social work major from Philippi, West Virginia, said she is “excited for anything that has to do with Halloween” and plans to attend the Twin Towers Resident Hall event, “Tower of Terror.” 

“I’m going to the Pumpkin Festival this weekend, and I’ll probably go to some haunted corn mazes, or maybe King’s Island or something,” Julianne Godwin, a senior marketing major from Charleston, West Virginia, said.

Although some students are preparing for extracurricular fun, Caleb Jiggetts, a freshman game design major, is still getting in the swing of things in his first semester of college. 

With his first class beginning at 8 a.m., Jiggetts said his most difficult feat of college thus far has been waking up early for classes.  Overall, he said he is adjusting well.

“Homework is a little annoying, but for the most part, it’s pretty good,” Jiggetts said.

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