PROACT opens, provides additional recovery services

Marshall Health collaborated with several local hospitals and clinics in opening a center designed to help Huntington residents struggling with addiction.

The Provider Response Organization for Addiction Care and Treatment center was created to cater to an individual’s needs. Michael Haney, director of PROACT, said the main goal of the organization is to guide help that they need.

“Our goal is to expand capacity, because that’s the biggest problem,” Haney said. “There’s not enough people to help.”

Haney said the biggest reason for PROACT is the differing needs of its patients; for example, a 22-year-old opioid addict who is six months pregnant may need different help than others. PROACT also serves as a directory to guide patients toward other clinics and hospitals, depending on what they need.

“There are some services that we provide that are provided by other players, but we want to have relationships with other services in the area,” Haney said.

Haney also said the clinic will help bring former addicts to employers to help them get back on track. In addition, many advisers to PROACT are former addicts themselves.

“There are people who can use their live experience to help the patients we serve navigate the waters,” Haney said.

PROACT is spearheaded by St. Mary’s Medical Center, Marshall Health and Cabell-Huntington Hospital, and it is also in contact with Valley Health and Thomas Health System.

“PROACT really is kind of a dream of St. Mary’s, Cabell-Huntington and Marshall University,” said Dr. Stephen Petrany, a physician specializing in family medicine and one of the board members for PROACT. “This is not just a Marshall Health initiative, but we’re a major player in it. It’s part of the university’s larger response to this opioid crisis, and this is one important element of our efforts.”

Both Haney and Petrany said they believe the PROACT center helps Marshall as much as it helps Huntington.

“Huntington and Marshall have been almost synonymous,” Haney said. “Marshall loves the Huntington community and wants to give back.”

While the center is not at full functionality, though it is expected to be within the week, it is already open for people to receive help. Petrany said the center is already working better than expected.

“So far it actually looks like it may surpass [the project’s] original vision,” Petrany said. “It’s really turning out well. We’re looking forward to start working with our first patients.”

Sam Phillips can be contacted at [email protected].