Chief resident chosen as January’s Resident of the Month

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Dr. Jodi M. Pitsenbarger, (left) receives the Resident of the Month award from program director Dr. Susan L. Flesher.

Marshall University’s Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine selected January’s Resident of the Month, Dr. Jodi M. Pitsenbarger, third-year resident in pediatrics.

Pitsenbarger is presently serving as the chief resident and is the first chief to be selected in pediatrics.

Pitsenbarger said her job fits her life perfectly.

”I couldn’t imagine my life any differently,” Pitsenbarger said. “I’m the person at a dinner party where you normally like to talk to adults, but I’ll be on the floor playing with the kids.”

Dr. Paulette S. Wehner, vice dean for graduate medical education, began the Resident of the Month program to recognize how critical residents are to make the hospital a better place.

Residents are nominated by their colleagues, faculty and staff and Pitsenbarger was nominated by her peer for putting others first.

Pitsenbarger said the program has given her the chance to show others the little and big acts of kindnesses she does for people.

“This is a way for them to show you that your work is appreciated and I think it is really unique,” Pitsenbarger said. “I think it is a really big honor.”

Dr. Susan L. Flesher, residency program director for pediatrics, said Pitensbarger is kind and fair to the other residents.

This is a way for them to show you that your work is appreciated and I think it is really unique.

— Dr. Jodi M. Pitsenbarger

“She goes above and beyond in assuring that she is fair to all our residents, taking into account each person’s scheduling request, and then making sure she shows no favoritism,” Flesher said. “Dr. Pitsenbarger often schedules herself to work undesirable shifts around weekends or holidays in order to fulfill as many scheduling requests as possible.”

Pitsenbarger is a Franklin, West Virginia, native and is a 2012 graduate of the School of Medicine. Her intention is to complete her residency in late June and begin in general pediatrics.

The School of Medicine presents a certificate of recognition and a designated parking spot to each resident of the month and he or she will be nominated for the Resident of the Year Award in May.

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