Huntington’s Kitchen continues cooking class series for community


Meg Keller

Chef manager Marty Emerson (right) teaches cooking class to community members at Huntington’s Kitchen.

Ramen noodle eaters can rejoice as Huntington’s Kitchen features an event aimed to help the community learn to cook.

Huntington’s Kitchen in Pullman Square sponsors monthly classes with the purpose of educating the community on how to cook fresh, healthy, homemade dishes.  The classes are part of the “20 Things Everyone Should Know How to Make” series, showcasing foods such as chicken, quiche and sushi.

“This is a great place to come and learn the basics of how to do anything cooking related,” Marty Emerson, chef manager, said.

Attendees were of varying ages at this month’s event, all with different cooking experiences.

“You do not have to know how to cook at all to come to this class. I will teach you,” Emerson said. “You’re never too old to learn how to cook.”

Ron Schelling, a 70 year old attendee, said he agreed with Emerson. He said he liked being able to have a night away from home to enjoy the city.

“I love to try to cook and learn new things,” Schelling said.

Destiny Smith and Kaitlin May, two Spring Valley High School seniors, have attended events at Huntington’s Kitchen for a few years, and they said they now have experience in cooking. They said they have enjoyed learning to cook for themselves and their families. 

“More people our age should get out and do stuff like this,” Smith said.

Smith also said Huntington’s Kitchen gives her the chance to interact with older people and make new friends.

“It’s nice that there are things that offer quick entertainment in the evening after work,” Holly Mathis, a nurse at Marshall Health, said.

Mathis said Huntington’s Kitchen is a good place for Marshall University students to learn outside of the classroom in order to branch out. 

As of now the fee for the class is $20, but it could potentially be discounted for Marshall students in the future, Emerson said.

The remainder of Huntington’s Kitchen events can be found online at

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