Thanksgiving break leaves students waiting for more

As students return from Thanksgiving break, there is both excitement in the air and dread looming for the next three weeks. There is one more week of regular classes followed by “Dead Week” and then Finals Week.

With the end of the semester quickly approaching, many students have a lot of studying left to do after the short, busy break.

Noah Dial, senior exercise physiology major, said he worked every day over the break, except Thanksgiving, so he ended up neglecting his studying.

“For Thanksgiving, I ate some good food and got a full night of sleep for once, so that felt awesome,” Dial said. “I worked every day, and I attempted to study, but it didn’t really happen.”

That’s why he said he’s excited for Christmas break; not having any assignments or studying to do will help him focus on work.

“My favorite thing about the holidays is just the mood,” Dial said. “Everybody is in a generous mood and all around happier.”

Kristen Ferrell, senior elementary education major, said even though she just went home to Charleston over the break, it was exciting.

“Over the break I didn’t do much, but I dog sat, so that was a little bit exciting because I love dogs,” Ferrell said.

She said other than the dogs, her favorite part of the break was getting to sleep in and Black Friday shop.

As opposed to Dial, Ferrell said, “I actually feel better because I got a lot of homework done over the break, so I feel like now it’s smooth sailing for the last week and then just finals.”

Patrick Horton, senior exercise science major, said he ate a lot of food over the break and that was his favorite part for sure.

“My favorite food used to be ham, but I’m actually a vegetarian now, so I love stuffing and mashed potatoes,” Horton said.

Dial said his favorite food is the sweet potatoes with the little marshmallows on top, and Ferrell said her favorite food is also stuffing.

Patrick is also a trainer and class instructor at the Rec Center, and said he thinks students definitely have less energy after Thanksgiving break because it’s so close to the end of the semester.

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