Interfaith Weeks Continues with ‘Ask a ___’ Day

Interfaith Week continued in the Memorial Student Center Tuesday with an “Ask a ___” day in an effort to open lines of communication between students of differing beliefs and dispel stigmas some may have of other religious organizations.

“This whole week is about being able to discuss our differences in an understanding setting,” said Maggie Capehart, director of events for the Secular Student Alliance and senior civil engineering major. “This day is important because it gives us the chance to sit down and say ‘Ok, what do you want to know? What don’t you understand and maybe want to?’ It’s a chance to dispel the false beliefs and have people walking away thinking, ‘huh, they’re not at all what I thought.’”

“Ask a __” day opened lines of communication between opposing religious affiliations with tables placed around the student center and information posted about each group for students who came in after the Memorial Fountain ceremony to read.

While addressing concerns of those who may not know much of some of the religious organizations represented throughout the week, “Ask a ___” day allowed for those organizations present to expand on the different aspects of their affiliations and expose other students to their religions as well.

“This is more of an outreach opportunity,” said Jacob Fleshman, member of CRU and junior accounting and finance major. “It’s a chance to see what people think of Christianity as well as explain it in depth to those who may not know. This is all about unity and showing one another that this isn’t about hate but loving one another and understanding our differences better.

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