Delta Zeta seminar teaches sexual assault protection

The women of Marshall University’s Delta Zeta chapter presented their second annual sexual assault seminar Monday in an effort to teach young women how to protect themselves and those around them from sexual abuse and how to recognize dangerous situations that could lead to assault.

In light of allegations of sexual assault on campus, the women of Delta Zeta decided that educating the women of their sorority on how to identify dangerous situations and how to defend themselves or those they know was a crucial step in protecting the daughters of Marshall.

“This is something that is constantly happening,” Sydney Kesling, junior health science major and the risk management chair for Delta Zeta, said. “And I want to inform our girls on the topic so that they are better prepared to help a friend or even themselves if they’re put in the position of any form of sexual assault.”

The seminar was taught by Kesling and Meena Elango, the resident director and former Delta Zeta alumnae, where the two talked about ways to recognize sexual abuse and dangerous situations and resources to reach out to in order to get help.

“This seminar’s purpose is to spread awareness and knowledge about sexual assault,” Taylor Foster, senior wellness education major and Delta Zeta president, said. “As an organization of female leaders, it is important for us all to know how to prevent, notice and act in the event that sexual assault takes place within our chapter and with others outside of our chapter.”

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