Comic book club established at Marshall

An official Marshall University Comic Book Club was established after their first club meeting Wednesday.

Japanese education major and club president, Hunter Reedy, said he wanted a place on campus where the comic book community could thrive.

“I know a lot of comic book fans, and honestly I was surprised to find out Marshall didn’t already have a club,” Reedy said. “Really, I just want a group of friends to have a fun, open discussion with.”

To be official, a Marshall University club must have at least eight members and develop a formally written constitution. The purpose of the Comic Book Club meeting on dead week was to establish that.

“It’s not the best timing with finals and everything coming up,” club secretary John Bugaj said.  “But, we just wanted to go ahead and get the busy-work out of the way. Now that some of our friends are on board, we hope to see the club hit the ground running next semester.”

Reedy said he would entertain the idea of operating a comic book library where club members could read and share their own comic book collections.

“I’ve got so many good comics that I don’t read anymore,” club member Hayden Thomas said. “I think [the lending library] is a terrific idea.”

Reedy said Free Comic Book Day is May 6 and the upcoming summer superhero movies will generate a buzz in the comic book community.

“Some of us are going to meet in Pullman Square next week for the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ premiere,” Reedy said. “Maybe we’ll find some people to recruit there.”