Sorority selling cheeseburgers to fundraise for philanthropy

A Marshall University sorority is taking steps to help the community by raising funds for their philanthropy program. The Marshall sorority Delta Zeta hosted a table in the Memorial Student Center Monday to sell tickets for their upcoming fundraiser they call Cheeseburger In Paradise.

The fundraiser will take place at the Delta Zeta Sorority house March 29 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students can either purchase tickets in advance or buy them on the day of the event for $5.

“This is our main ways and means event,” said Shannon Neale, the sorority alumni relations chair. “We’re doing a cheeseburger bar with toppings, a side of onion rings, dessert and a drink.”

Students who can’t make it to the event have the option of having their food delivered to them from noon to 2 p.m.

“We are doing campus, and even frat row, a lot of our customers are in fraternities,” Neale said. “We deliver to the houses, apartments, and we do a lot of deliveries to professors in offices too.”

The money raised by this fundraiser will allow Delta Zeta to fund and host other events with the goal of raising money for charitable organizations, such as the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which provides hearing aids to those in need.

Delta Zeta recently raised money for the Starkey Hearing Foundation by hosting a volleyball tournament with fellow Marshall sorority Alpha Sigma, where participants paid an entry fee to play.

“We just did Spike for a Cure and that was with Alpha Sig, that was a volleyball tournament where a lot of fraternities and sororities and even some people on the intramural volleyball teams would play,” Neale said. “It’s usually something athletic based to get people outside and moving.”

Sorority member Jasmine Albury said most of their fundraising comes from others who are in the Greek community, however they are trying to reach out to the rest of campus.

“Most of our fundraising comes from the Greek community, but we like to have a table out here to get the rest of campus involved with us,” Albury said. “Obviously, we have tighter connections to the other sororities and fraternities, but we always like to come over to get it out in the community, have them come over to our house and see what we’re all about and to learn about our philanthropy.”

Albury also said that because the fundraiser is being held the week following Spring Break, students who attend the fundraiser may be able to feel like they are still on vacation.

“It’s extending your Spring Break a little bit,” Albury said. “Cheeseburger in Paradise is going to be a little bit of a beachy theme, so maybe it can extend your Spring Break a little longer.”
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