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Huntington residents look to go solar


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West Virginia Solar United Neighborhoods, or WV SUN, is a non-profit with the goal of cleaner, renewable energy across West Virginia. On Monday night at the Explorer Academy in Huntington, more than 50 people came to an informational meeting about changing their personal source of electricity.

Since October, WV SUN Solar Co-Op Coordinator Autumn Long has toured West Virginia to educate people on the benefits of solar energy.

“The co-op is a great opportunity to demonstrate how solar energy can help our communities be more self-sufficient,” Long said.

Co-Ops have been conducted in Morgantown, Wheeling, Charleston, Lewisburg and Beckley. The Parkersburg area of the Mid-Ohio Valley is generating a Co-Op for the summer months.

The Co-Op is three sessions: the basics of solar power, the “nuts and bolts” of installation and finances.

Huntington resident Jason Brown of Secure Construction is interested in the business aspect of solar energy.

“Solar is happening,” Brown said. “Solar production at the residential level is increasing every year and the cost of production is going down.”

Brown said he has “reservations” on the price that WV SUN advertises.

“Take this as a grain of salt. This energy is very new to this area,” Brown said.

Carin Clark said it is always going to be cheaper to go with the electric company.

“A solar panel is not much as a financial choice, but more as a social, personal choice. You are never going to make your money back in solar,” Clark said.

Across the United States over 16,000 homes and 90 Co-Ops have happened.

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One Response to “Huntington residents look to go solar”

  1. Autumn Long on February 8th, 2017 1:29 pm

    WV SUN appreciates the coverage of our solar info session by The Parthenon. However, the article paints an untrue picture of solar in West Virginia.

    West Virginia homeowners who go solar see a return on their investment in solar. The current payback time on a typical residential solar system is about 10 years. In other words, you will have made back your initial investment within about a decade of going solar. After that, you continue to save money through lower electric bills. A typical solar system will last at least 25 years

    I encourage interested folks in the Huntington area to learn more about going solar, saving money, and becoming energy independent by visiting our website,

    Autumn Long
    WV SUN Solar Co-op Coordinator


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