Business Professionalism Certificate Program is underway

The first-floor lobby of Corbly Hall was busy the morning of Jan. 24 as the Business Professionalism Certificate Program went underway. The kickoff hosted on Tuesday is just the first of many events that are a part of this program.

“It’s a full semester of events that assist our students in learning about different opportunities as far as careers are related,” said Glen Midkiff, director of stakeholder engagement.

Midkiff said throughout the program students will be learning different techniques and tips that they can use in order to develop themselves professionally.

Sara Johnson, graduate assistant for the dean’s office, went through the Business Professionalism Certificate Program last semester and is assisting in the current semester.

“It’s a good opportunity for students,” Johnson said, “so it’s great to be able to provide them with the information that they need in order to get their certificate.”

The program is continuing throughout the remainder of the semester, including a speaker series on different techniques to be a business professional.

“Our whole theme this semester is leadership,” Midkiff said.

One of the additional upcoming events is on navigating a network event.

“If you had 30 seconds with Bill Gates, how would you sell yourself to get that job that you want,” Midkiff said.

These are the things that Midkiff and the rest of the team want to teach students so that one day they can be successful in the business world.

Upcoming events in the program will be e-mailed to all business students and will be posted on Herd Happenings.