Students weigh textbook purchasing options

Marshall students returned to campus this week for a new semester. Getting back into the swing of things isn’t the easiest for many students and one of the more stressful things is purchasing textbooks.

Two main sources for gathering books for the semester are Marshall’s campus bookstore and the website Chegg.

“I used to go to the bookstore, but it was super expensive and then I found Chegg and never spent more than $50 on a book ever again,” said psychology major Jasmin Calcote.

Chegg may be more affordable than the bookstore for some students and pays for shipping as well. Also, when students use the rental service, Chegg sends extra gifts such as detergent pods, Red Bull and Hulu access.

But the hands-on help provided at the bookstore can be a factor in why students may choose it instead. Sophomore and music education major Andrew Hupp said he prefers the campus bookstore over Chegg due to convenience and helpfulness.

“I go through the bookstore and utilize a scholarship that pays for it all and everyone is highly helpful and its easy access since I live on campus,” Hupp said.

Some students prefer to use both approaches when preparing for the semester.

“This semester will be my fourth semester at Marshall University and will most likely be my busiest semester yet,” said Marshall student Hannah Johnson. “The only way I’ve found to prepare for a busy semester is to use a planner that I purchase from the bookstore due to the wide variety and selection of quality and aesthetic.”

To manage a budget, Johnson said she goes through Chegg for textbooks.

“With 18 class hours, books can be expensive,” Johnson said. “I have found the cheapest way to get my books is through Chegg and renting them.”

Each method provides more than just textbooks for students. The bookstore also holds apparel, technology and accessories, and includes items such as Marshall gear and laptop equipment. Chegg also offers online tutors and test prep for the ACT and SAT.

Lillie Bodie can be contacted at [email protected].