XOXO, Michael Brown

The readers submitted some questions about life, love and everything in between. I answered them as honest as I knew possible. I’m here to keep it real with you when no one else is and to answer with no judgment because I don’t know you! I’m just a college senior who enjoys giving his opinion. Here are some of the questions I got this week:

What do you believe this semester has taught you that others haven’t?

This semester has been unlike any semester before. I’m in my last year here at Marshall — I graduate in May — and yet I’ve never been so focused. This semester has taught me the importance of time management. I finally realized that it is okay to miss the fun things that are going on around town and campus. There will always be something fun going on, but that fun night isn’t helping me get my degree. I have to stay focused. There have been plenty of nights this semester when I thought, “Oh I’ll just turn this in late,” but then I remember the bigger picture and I push through and do each assignment to the best of my ability. I have just found this semester that my head is in a different place, I wish I could have always been like this.

I’m a freshman and I don’t think I like what I’m majoring in anymore, what would you do if you were me?

I would find what I like and go after it. Don’t do what your parents or friends are doing. Do what it is going to make you happy. I’ve found myself changing my mind a million and one times just this year about what I’m going to do after graduating. I’m going to do whatever it is that is going to keep me happy, I advise you to do the same.

What is something you’ve accomplished that you’re most proud of?

I am most proud of myself for just where I am today, and not giving up, especially when I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at the age of 18. It was during this time that I may have been more determined than ever to make it through and go away to college. I’m here now and I am so proud of myself for not giving up on Michael. Life isn’t going to be easy in any way shape or form. Push through and remember the storm won’t last forever.

I need a new book to read. Do you have any recommendations?

I was just asked this recently, and I would highly recommend “Rubyfruit Jungle.” It is an amazing coming of age story. I read it in one evening and it made me laugh and cry in a matter of hours.

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