INTO students take a break with hot cocoa

INTO, in an attempt to help students deal with stress during finals week, had a hot cocoa break Monday.

Event coordinator Kenny Jones said he hosts the event every fall semester around dead week. The students generally come in and make their hot chocolate and decorate it right before going to class.

“Hot chocolate is always interesting because it isn’t a common drink in other countries and it’s an experience for the students who have never seen it before,” Jones said.

Other students came to the event as well because they were invited by INTO student friends.

“It seems like a good idea to have,” said freshman Japanese major Caralee Casto. “Especially this week because everyone is stressed out right now and it gives them a chance to just take a break and sit down with friends who understand that kind of stress.”

INTO does not have coordinated events during finals week because Jones said he wants the students to focus on studying. This means the last INTO event for the semester will be the Christmas party Friday.

The party will offer stocking decorating for the first 80 students to arrive and will also feature a gingerbread house decorating contest for teams of two, where the top two teams will win prizes. The party is open to everyone in the Marshall community.