World Council ‘Campus Tea and Talk’ set for Thursday

Campus Tea and Talk: A Black and White Affair will take place Thursday at 4 p.m. in the Marshall University Brad D. Smith Foundation Hall.

The motivation behind Campus Tea and Talk is to allow people to make new connections and promote an inclusive campus community. This formal tea will have a variety of international teas, including some from China and India, and salty and sweet snacks. Iced tea will also be an option. Some of the teas will be on display as well.

“Even though we may look different, we may talk different, we are from different places and have different backgrounds, we are all kind of the same,” Hayley Cornwell, a graduate assistant and program developer for World Council, said. “My goal is for people to leave with at least two or three new relationships with people.”

In case there becomes a lull in conversation, there will be table topics to help those who may be nervous about meeting new people, with lighthearted topics like what TV shows people like.

Although RSVPs were due by Dec. 2, all are still welcome to come. Cornwell said they wouldn’t turn anyone away and that the purpose of the RSVP was so that they could be sure people would be seated with people of different cultural backgrounds.

Cornwell said although business casual attire is encouraged, it is not required and that she doesn’t want the attire to keep people from coming. People are also encouraged to wear black and white in order to show that Marshall’s campus is unified despite our differences.

“A lot of people have asked, ‘With the political climate, how do you think this event will take?’ Well, we planned it before the election was over, but I think it is a good time for it,” Cornwell said.

The event is free and being hosted by World Council, a new initiative coming out of the Office of Intercultural Affairs. Marshall Students from over 12 different countries serve on World Council, which serves as a think tank where they get together at least twice a month to discuss ways in order to make Marshall a more inclusive campus.

All Marshall students, faculty and staff are invited to attend.

Noah Gillispie can be contacted at [email protected].