Marshall volleyball seniors complete season

Marshall volleyball seniors played in their final game at the Cam Henderson center Thursday night.

Seniors Cassie Weaver, Allie Kellerman, Ally Kiekover and Taylor Riedel have all played a key role in the success of the Herd volleyball team this year and in years past on and off the court.

“You can see a growth in the program in the past four years,” head coach Mitch Jacobs said. “They have found a way to all make a difference.”

The Herd team is 21-7 overall this season and is now tied for the number two ranking in the conference. This is one of the best rankings they have had going into conference tournament in years.

“I never expected my experience here at Marshall to be like it was. I mean that in a positive way,” Allie Kellerman said. “We’ve had some hardships and it’s been tough, but I think it’s made me stronger. I know that I am coming out a whole lot stronger as a person than I did coming into it, and I think I’ll cherish that forever.”

“We have been through a lot, we started with seven girls and we are down to four,” Ally Kiekover said. “The three of them have definitely shaped me, and we have shaped each other in positive ways.”

“They are special; they are all true student-athletes. They excel on the court and in the classroom,” Jacobs said. “I believe they love Marshall and they love Marshall volleyball. They are the leaders. They’ve taken that responsibility on and they’ve been amazing.”

That responsibility of the seniors will get tougher as the team heads into their final games of the season. This is the best season for these seniors so far and coach Jacobs said he can tell by their efforts.

“We know that we don’t have 100 percent everyday, but you have to give 100 percent of what you have, and I think that is what would epitomize this group. They do give everything that they’ve got,” Jacobs said.

The seniors are seen as leaders on this team, not only by their coach, but by themselves.

“I think we are all the hardest working on the team,” Taylor Riedel said. “We lead by example and the fact that there is four of us, and we all are so passionate about doing well as a team and making this last season our best, that we have made it a goal to back each other up. All four of us are all there for each other and I think it shows to the team, making them want to work hard and do well not just for us, but for the whole team for the whole season.”

As the rest of the season wraps up, the women will work hard to come back with the title, knowing that each game might be their last.

Their last game in the Cam Henderson was a bittersweet one, as the team defeated UTEP in a 3-0 sweep.

The Marshall volleyball team will travel to Alabama to take on UAB Saturday in their final regular season game and then will head to the conference tournament.

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