Professor contributes to science journal

Frank S. Gilliam, Ph.D. and professor in Marshall University’s Department of Biological Sciences, wrote an article published in the December issue of the monthly Tansley Review series of “New Phycologist,” a world renowned plant science journal.

The Tansley Review series was initiated in 1985 to provide accessible and authoritative in-depth reviews for the international community of plant scientists. It was named in honor of Arthur Tansley, a famous plant scientist who coined the word “ecosystem” and was a founder of the British Ecological Society. All of the reviews are written by fellow scientists who uphold Tansley’s philosophy of bringing a personal perspective to the groundbreaking research in order to promote thought-provoking discussion.

“This is a particular honor for me because Tansley has always been a professional ‘hero’ of mine,” Gilliam said in a press release.

Gilliam was invited to write about the biogeography and ecology of global temperate forests. These occur mostly in the Northern Hemisphere and sparsely are represented in the Southern Hemisphere.

Gilliam said some of the lab work he has done at Marshall University is highlighted in the review, as the environment of West Virginia is applicable to the study.