Free vaccines prevent flu, save Marshall students dollars

Free flu vaccines given at Marshall University Tuesday not only helped prevent the spread of the flu, but also helped many Marshall students save some dollars.

Freshman political science major Paige Looney said she was glad Marshall provided students with the resource, while her friend, who goes to another university in Georgia, has to pay $25 to get a flu vaccination.

“I’ve never actually had the flu before,” Looney said. “But I figured I’m around a lot more people now than I used to be, so that means more germs and I might as well be more prepared.”

Amy Saunders, director of the student health education programs, said they have been doing this for a couple of decades, with most of the shots given by Marshall student nurses and donated by Cabell Huntington Hospital.

“Studies showed one of the best ways to prevent flu is to get the shot,” Saunders said. “Especially for students who are living in close quarters and faculty who are around each other most of the time, where flu will be easily transmitted.”

The event was also an opportunity for the student nurses at Marshall to get some hands-on learning experience with supervision from faculty at the nursing department.

Student nurses were grouped into two groups, with some checking the temperatures and the more advanced student nurses giving the vaccines.

About 500 to 700 vaccines were given Tuesday.

Students, faculty and staff only needed to fill out a form by the health department to get a free shot.

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