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Skepticism about film’s ‘year of women’


April 21, 2015

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National Association of Theatre Owners President and CEO John Fithian declared 2015 as a progressive year for women in the film industry Tuesday at CinemaCon. “2015 will rock at the box office because it will be the year of women,” Fithian said to exhibitors at the conference. Fithian’s claim is unu...

Being a thinker in a world that seems to discourage thinking about entertainment

Being a thinker in a world that seems to discourage thinking about entertainment

Jocelyn Gibson, Managing Editor

April 8, 2015


The entire genre of “happy ending” entertainment could be tainting the way humans view the world. I have never been one for movies and books with a happy story. I have a strong desire to feel intense emotion and to learn when I am consuming media rather than getting that warm bubbly feeling that s...

Hollywood, meet Hollywood.

Hollywood, meet Hollywood.

Codi Mohr, Executive Editor

April 8, 2015


“Pitch Perfect 2” “Paper Towns” “Hot Pursuit” “Tomorrowland” “Aloha” “Spy” “Inside Out” “The Bronze” “Trainwreck” “Ricki and the Flash” These 10 films premiering this summer have something in common, something rarely seen in today’s film industry. Some are comedies, some...

50 Shades of Disappointment

Karima Neghmouche, Reporter

March 4, 2015

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Released the day before Valentine’s Day, “50 Shades of Grey” plummeted in ticket sales the opening weekend, stirring up arousal and even more controversy. Ian Pletka, a worker at Cinemark Huntington Mall, said the film was a huge disappointment to the theatre. “It was pretty busy the opening week...